7 Reasons Why Retaining Us Makes Sense

Why Retaining Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants As Your Marketing Director, or Entire Marketing Department, Makes Sense:

1. You Need Your Marketing Done Correctly.

Your marketing is your public face. It’s how you get business and make sales. Good marketing can make your company and poor marketing will break it. It’s the crux your entire business depends on.

Hiring someone with a particular degree or background does not guarantee they will understand how marketing really works or how to get the most out of your marketing efforts. In fact, it might be an indication they will have inherent misgivings and do it wrong. (Get our “Market Ascension” program to learn why this is and how to avoid many of the problems associated with “classical” marketing approaches and methodologies.)

2. You Need to Get the Most Out of What You’ve Got

Your resources – especially time – are extremely limited. You need to get the most out of what you’ve got by using your money wisely and super-charging your marketing efforts. Spending thousands in employment overhead (health care, pensions, payroll taxes, workers compensation, etc. in total compensation costs) doesn’t make financial sense.

When you retain the services of Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants, you take advantage of our knowledge and experience, potentially shaving years off your learning curve for effective marketing.

3. We’re Not Really Consultants (Shhhh, Don’t Tell Anyone!)

While we apply the label of “consultant” to ourselves, we’re really far more. Most consultants will come into your business, show you where your problem is, hand you a bill and leave. That’s not us.

Your success is our highest priority. We’ll not only show you where your problems are, but we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you transform your problems into successes. If you want, you can even hire us to do all the work for you so the effort you expend is minimal. And, of course, you will always have the final say on anything we do for you.

4. You Need to Master, And Completely Dominate, Your Market

Your company needs to move forward and grow constantly or risk becoming stagnant, moving backward, and, ultimately, closing up shop. To grow at a healthy rate you need to become the preeminent, and only, option in the mind of your current and potential customers/clients. Alpha Rise Marketing’s “Market Ascension” program is one of the only approaches in the marketing industry that enables you to do this.

Our proprietary system firmly entrenches your company in the minds of your potential buyers, enabling you to completely dominate your market and grow a healthy, thriving business. We combine concepts and approaches from masters like Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber (author of “The E-Myth”), Ari Galper (Unlock The Game), Claude Hopkins (father of scientific advertising), Robin Elliot, Rich Harshaw, and others to create a system that enables you and your company to become number one in your industry.

In fact, we help you actually create a virtual faucet of real profits that you can turn up when you want to and turn down if you get overwhelmed.

5. If You Don’t, Your Competition Will

Our best-in-class proprietary marketing system works so well and achieves such great results that we can only work with one company in any given industry niche and geographical location. The first company to implement our system in their industry wins. It’s that simple. The only question is will it be you, or will you let your competition dominate your market and ethically steal your clients?

6. It Will Be Our Little Secret

We extend the professional courtesy of anonymity to all our clients. This means that our marketing wins are yours to own, without worrying about someone else stealing your spotlight. And we’re pretty good at keeping secrets. If we weren’t we’re pretty sure that none of those marketing directors would be calling us!

7. We Can Only Help A Very Limited Number Of Clients

We at Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants have limited resources and time, just like you do. Because of this, we can only take on so many clients. We know our limits and are dedicated to delivering only our best to each of our clients. As such, even if we’re not already servicing your particular niche, we can only take on clients as we have availability.

Don’t wait. Call us today to see if we can help you take your company to a place completely mastering your market and reaping the rewards that come with it.


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