Marketing Consultations

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh mind with new, powerfully successful ideas is exactly what is needed to get your business from where it is to where you know it could be. Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants has the know-how to grow your business in amazing ways.

In fact, we’re the only marketing consultancy that combines pay-for-results marketing consulting and a solid guarantee.

You see, a lot of other marketing consultants focus on marketing that was never meant to be used for small and medium sized businesses. They tend to focus on what we call “C&R Advertising” – short for “Creativity & Repetition Advertising”. We don’t. (To learn more about “C&R Advertising”, and why it’s so dangerous for your business, click here.)

If you’ve hired a marketing consultant before and have been disappointed by the results, you’ll love to see what Alpha Rise Marketing can offer you.

The Short Version:

Unlike most marketing consultancies out there, Alpha Rise Marketing specializes in marketing strategies and techniques that are highly effective for small and medium-sized businesses. By doing so, we make our clients lots of money. As in cold, hard cash.

Other marketing consultancies are full of consultants who have been “classically trained” in how to “get your name out there”, while Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants actually specialize in making you more sales.

We have a highly developed, systematized process that virtually guarantees any company we take on as a client will at least double or triple their gross profits within one year. (In fact, we actually DO guarantee our services – try asking another agency if they’ll do the same!)

Because of this, we are only able to work with one (1) company in any given industry at a time (it would be unethical to do otherwise). The first company who hires us, gets access to our consultants and our system which has proven highly successful in over 350 different industries, probably including your own.

If your competitor hires us first, you’re SOL (Straight Outta Luck!).

Our phone number is (208) 994-5713. Call us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Longer Version:

If you read the “short version” above, you might think that we’re full of ourselves. We’re not.

We do, however, have reason to believe that we’re just plain better than a lot of other marketing consultancies you may come across. First, we have an approach to marketing that is both revolutionary and unorthodox, but was actually pioneered over 100 years ago.

While most marketers are happily moving from one shiny new object to the next, searching for the mythical magic bullet of marketing, Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants stick to what works. Specifically, what works for small and medium sized businesses. And when a new medium comes along, all that is required are a few small tweaks to fit your message to the new media.

The Alpha Rise Marketing Process

At Alpha Rise, we specialize in building effective marketing systems for small and medium sized businesses. It’s who we are & what we do. Instead of focusing on something that may or may not work or just “getting your name out there”, we focus on what will make you money. Right. Freaking. Now.

Once we have boosted your revenue with clients buying “right now”, we begin filling your sales pipeline with buyers looking to purchase a little further down the road. By doing this we help you avoid the ‘feast or famine’ cycles many businesses struggle with and establish much healthier, more predictable streams of clients.

What’s that? You don’t even have a sales pipeline? Not a problem. We can create one for you that makes sense for you & your business.

In fact, we can help out no matter what stage your business is at.

If you’re successfully doubling your business every year without any outside help, you can either call us when you plateau or we can brainstorm ways to triple or quadruple your business.

If you’re at the point where you don’t have a distinctive and cohesive business identity which separates you from the competition and makes your company the obvious choice to do business with, we can partner with you on that, too. In fact, if you don’t have that, you’re a prime target for the competition to come in & steal your clients out from under you.  This step is so important we refer to it as “Step Zero” for your business.

Creating your business’ cohesive brand identity is how you tell the rest of the world why you’re so great & why they should be buying from you instead of anyone else.

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

While we create your distinct & powerful company identity, capture a solid stream of buyers looking to purchase right now, and define and fill your sales pipeline with prospective future buyers, we also create business and marketing systems to help your business grow as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

By systematizing your entire business we also enable you to do what you want by freeing up your time and unshackling you from your business. After all, you didn’t sign up to be a business owner just to be a slave to your business, did you?

At this point, you can actually start to gain a clear perspective on what your exit strategy can be. Do you want to continue to manage your business full time? What about working IN your business in a capacity your actually enjoy? Maybe you simply want to own a business that makes you money without the need for such a strong hands-on approach.

Or maybe you’re looking to sell your business to another owner down the road and retire in style to a French villa overlooking cliffs where the ocean slams into the stone as you listen to the beautifully sweet song of nearby singing love birds. (Sigh…)

Whatever your dreams are, Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants can help you grow your business as large as you like and help you actually realize your exit strategy.

In Business, Successful Marketing Is As Reliable As An Equation

At Alpha Rise, we know that, contrary to popular belief, the elements of highly successful marketing can be distilled down to an equation. The elements of that equation can and should be systematized, producing reliable results for your business day in and day out, season after season, year after year.

There will, of course, be small tweaks necessary along the way, but because effective marketing can be boiled down to an equation and systematized, these changes are usually small and manageable, especially once you have developed a company identity and have a system in place to handle these changes.

To be fair, business and marketing systems are only a few of the many benefits of hiring Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants to help grow your business. Hiring an Alpha Rise Marketing Consultant can also provide you with:

  • An Amazing Client-Focused Company Identity
  • Marketing Systems That Make Marketing an Easier Task Instead of An Impossible Chore
  • Overarching Marketing Strategy
  • Specific Tactical Marketing Implementation
  • Insights Into & Direction From Client Purchasing Motivations
  • End-to-End, Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns
  • Online and Offline Tactical Marketing
  • Much, much more

Finally, Marketing Consultants With An Actual Guarantee!

Because of the effectiveness of our marketing approach and the way we couple our success with yours, Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants is able to guarantee our work. Try asking any other marketing consultancy or fulfillment company if they guarantee their work. They’ll laugh you out of their office! But Alpha Rise is different.

Not only do we tie a large portion of our fee to your success, and in turn vesting our interests with yours, but we also guarantee our work.

Here’s our guarantee: If a campaign we design absolutely bombs, we will go back to the drawing board to find something that will work for your company – as many times as it takes and without charging you another dime – until we find something that succeeds.

How can we afford to offer such a guarantee? Well it basically comes down to the effectiveness of our processes and our confidence. And, to be honest, we’ve never had to work for free yet!

Only One Business Per Industry

Because of the potency of our marketing consultancy and our own code of ethics, we are only able to work full time with one company in any given industry at a given time.

Also, because of the effectiveness of our marketing equation – which has proven successful in over 350 different industries (most likely including yours) – we know that the first company to implement our marketing equation is basically promised market domination. If it’s your competition, you can basically kiss your chances of huge success goodbye.

You can secure your place with us with a simple phone call right now to (208) 994-5713.

We’ll be glad to schedule an exploratory consultation in which we will each decide if Alpha Rise and your company are a good match for each other. If we do decide to work together (and our client load allows us to do so), we will submit a proposal for your review before moving on together.

By this time next month you could be reaping the benefits of more profitable and predictable flow of business!

Call Alpha Rise Marketing Consultants now to secure your hassle-free, pressure-free consultation at (208) 994-5713.